But WHY?


Why digital? Why Facebook? Why Website? These are probably questions you've asked yourself; or maybe they aren't. Regardless, they're questions you should be asking.

Why should your business be online? Why should your business be on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat? Why should your website work on mobile as well as it does on desktops?

The simple answer is attention.

Advertising your business has never been as complex as it is right now. There are limitless options open to you, many of which are more than happy to take your money without thinking twice.

With so many avenues for business just like yours, where do you begin?

Again, the answer is attention.

Attention has always been the answer to advertising and growing a business. If you want to reach people, you go where they are already looking.

You might have put an ad in the Yellow Pages, because that's where people look for services.

You might have put up a billboard on a main road, because that's where people pass through every day.

You might have posted out flyers in your neighbourhood, because that's where your customers live.

These advertising projects might have been effective, and might still be. But attention has shifted into a new space, into the digital space, and that's a great thing for your business.

People are giving attention away, for free, to social media. The landscape of where customers are putting their attention, and where they look for information, has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Has your business changed with it?