Foundation Number Two: An Email List

Facebook is lauded as the largest social media platform, boasting 2.19 billion users in the first quarter of 2018. Rather under-discussed though, is the even larger user base of email, with 3.82 billion users. A well-managed email list and accompanying email marketing strategy can be an incredibly powerful tool for small and medium business, which often gets overlooked.

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The Three Foundations of a Digital Presence

Prioritising these three things online will set up your business to effectively reach your customers, and attract new ones. This is where to start online. Getting these things right needs to be the first thing on your digital To Do List, because if you don't get them right, it'll be that much harder to keep the customers you're attracting, no matter how much hard work you put in elsewhere.

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But WHY?

Why digital? Why Facebook? Why Website? These are probably questions you've asked yourself; or maybe they aren't. Regardless, they're questions you should be asking.

Why should your business be online? Why should your business be on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat? Why should your website work on mobile as well as it does on desktops?

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The Journey Begins

The digital age is well and truly upon us. This isn't a fad. This isn't a trend. This is the new normal.

Together, let's go on a journey. Come with me, and we'll investigate winning strategies and tactics for your small business. The digital world can be an overwhelming burden, but it doesn't have to be.

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